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Sole to Soul

Because external events, attitudes perceptions can cause negative energy to permeate our lives and cause problems, I can teach you to ground good energy with powerful healing and life coaching.

One technique that I use is to activate balance and cleanse our 12 5th dimensional chakra system. Chakras are energy assimilate and express life force energy in our spiritual bodies.

My Twelve 5th Dimensional Chakra healing allows clients to:

  • Restore their balance and eliminate the physical manifestations of an illness 

  • Avoid the tendencies to gloss over their feelings and let fear, anxiety anger control their lives 

  • Relinquish their ego to the knowledge of a more expansive purpose, the joy that comes from knowing one’s purpose in the world.

When experiencing this new-found and abundant positive energy, clients have the power to heal, transform their lives in amazing ways, and most importantly, reconnect with their true self.

Transform your life energy healing and Soul Life Coaching. Together we can help reach your goals, help live a peaceful and life and become a healthier person. Daily life becomes easier when the mind becomes healed. Fears can be removed, past fears and stress can stay in the past This form of healing concentrates on moving the energies in our bodies to help facilitate healing. This natural healing process has many benefits and will help with any given illness.

During the healing session, the practitioner will place their hands lightly on different parts of your body. will follow a predetermined sequence of hand placements, allowing their hands to rest on each body placement for 2 to 5 minutes before moving on to the next. Empathic practitioners will freely move their hands in no particular order to the areas where they "feel" healing is most needed.

During the healing, I may use crystals and once again place them on areas of the body that I feel need attention.


Atlantean Healing Practitioners Weekend Workshop

Are you drawn to Atlantis or looking to heal others? Atlantean healing takes you back to basics and how evolution healing started. No attunements, no symbols, this healing comes straight from the heart and your higher self-guided from your guides, Angels, and spiritual medical teams.

This workshop looks at What was Atlantis and who were the Atlanteans and the history behind it all to healing yourself and others using different methods. Learning about your 12 Chakras and activating them. You will learn about Archangels, the high priest and Priestesses, using your own psychic powers for physic surgery, bringing in the violet flame and the Christ light. A full itinerary will be sent out once booked. A weekend of love and light and the ability to be able to heal others. A certificate and manual included. 

Day One

History of Atlantis

Life in the Golden Age

The Energy Dome

Temple of Poseidon

High Priests and Priestesses

Cleansing your home and raising the vibration

The 12 Chakras

Crystals in Atlantis

The Four Main Crystals in Atlantis

Healing in Atlantis

Day Two

The Physic Arts – working with the 4 Clairs

The 12 Angels of Atlantis

The Main Archangels

Help from your Angels

What are Guardian Angels

Working with Internal Vision

Healing the Atlantean Way

Connecting with your team of helpers

Both days there will be various meditations and exercises which incorporate the Atlantean Healing Programme.

Please contact Lesley for more details