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Sole to Soul

My story starts back in 1997 when I first qualified in Beauty Therapy. Having an interest in natural therapies and spiritualism I started to research how the body naturally wants to heal itself using the mind and the therapies that can help aid the recovery in any given illness. I started my studies in Reiki healing and became qualified as a Reiki Practitioner in 2007. My studies then continued to Reflexology of which I attained the highest award for Diploma level with The School Of Natural Health Sciences then added Nutrition to complement my therapies and to advice on Diet. I was delighted to be asked to write an article for The Natural Health Magazine on the benefits of Reflexology for Stress in 2012.

I qualified in my Masters/Teachers for Reiki in 2012 which I am very excited and to be doing. I also follow the principals of 'The Secret' and the teachings of 'Conversations with God'. I have taught many of my clients these principals of life with excellent My spiritual awareness has grown with time and I now channel messages from my Guardian angels, masters and guides through inspirational writing am given the gift of seeing the human body through working with doctors and surgeons that once this earth.

I am continuously researching information on the wonders of natural healing and how life began. I have a big passion for Atlantis and know that it is my true origin where I spent my time there as a High Priestess. It has been and will continue to be a very exciting part of my journey and to share my passion through workshops.

I was very excited to train with The Diana Cooper School where I completed my teacher training and Golden Atlantis teacher training in 2016. This confirmed all my previous sightings and information that I had received. To share the knowledge and the wisdom with others is a passion that will last forever and as we move into the Golden Energy one more I hope to bring more healers into the light and show them what power they had and still have.

I completed my teaching diploma in Meditation in June 2011 and have enjoyed teaching students the power of the mind and how to still the mind to live a more peaceful harmonious lifestyle.

I am forever learning and continue to grow spiritually to learn more about myself and the wonderful benefits that all these treatments can bring to each and every one of you. Your journey through life is unique, and everyone is different. We are here to learn different experiences to help us grow and become the person we are supposed to be.

Warmest wishes