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Sole to Soul

When you understand that we are so much more than we can see, you will understand that we are powerful human beings who can tap other energies to help heal the body. I have been given a special see inside the human body. I work with a team of Spirit Doctors and Surgeons who in working with whatever is facing them at the time.

I am able to work on both the physical body and etheric body to heal the body. Whilst they use my hands and eyes to heal the body they are also telling me what they are working on and why. This is a completely non-invasive treatment. There have been many success stories and miracles that have happened in my clinic.

Because of our perception of the space-time dimension, it seems that it works very fast. It only complements traditional medical treatment and strongly urges my patients to continue their doctor's care until they are fully recovered or the doctor so decides. Although you may feel extremely good, rest is recommended. The process will continue for a further 48 hours.

Lesley says that she herself does nothing: she is only an instrument in the hands of the universe and a team of spirit helpers? (doctors, surgeons healers from other dimensions) works through her. For the physical body represents only the vibration of subatomic particles and not a physical barrier. This is why in her operations she actually seems to enter the body via her hands and remove different formations, such as growths and blood clots, which could cause problems or illness in later life, or relieve back pain, blood problems, the list is endless. She also works by changing the subatomic energy inside the tissue cell structures and brain wave patterns. she has seen people to help them stop smoking, lose weight, stop cravings, blood problems, liver-kidney problems, and the most amazing session to date is to give someone their eyesight back.